Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Malware Hash Fox

Malware Hash Fox is a plugin for Mozilla Firefox Web Browser compatible with most Operating Systems (Windows,Linux,Mac). The plugin will scan every downloaded file for presence of computer viruses and trojans using the online service.
Some features of the plugin are:

  • Scan downloaded files for presence of viruses;
  • View analysis report;
  • Automatically delete infected files;
  • Enable/Disable the plugin.

Version 1.0
Date: 26/04/2009
Size: 37kb

Download From : Mozilla Firefox addson

Download From : Malwarehash

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Installing Metasploit on Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Debian Linux

At this time, no package exists for Metasploit 3. In order to use the Metasploit Framework on Ubuntu or Debian distributions of Linux, the following packages need to be installed:

# apt-get install ruby libruby rdoc
# apt-get install libyaml-ruby
# apt-get install libzlib-ruby
# apt-get install libopenssl-ruby
# apt-get install libdl-ruby
# apt-get install libreadline-ruby
# apt-get install libiconv-ruby
# apt-get install rubygems *

*The RubyGems package may need to be manually downloaded and installed.
If you would like to use the experimental GUI, you will need to install the following packages:

# apt-get install libgtk2-ruby libglade2-ruby

If you would like to use the online update feature, you will need to install the "subversion" package as well. Once the pre-requisites have been installed, download the Unix tarball from Framework Website and extract it to the directory of your choice. If everything was installed
correctly, execute the interface of your choice to get started (msfconsole, msfweb, etc).


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