Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Install Flock browser on Linux Ubuntu

Flock Flock is a web browser that specializes in providing social networking features and other Web 2.0 features on the display interface. This is based browser Mozilla Firefox browser code.

Flock browser is very suitable to be used by those who can be called too 'often' use of social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, MySpace and others because there are some features that would facilitate users to access their favorite sites.

Easy access to Facebook, the ease of video search on Youtube and several other features, will allow its users. And because it is based on Mozilla Firefox, so we can add the Add-On to complete the Add-On is already there.

Flock can be downloaded free of charge and available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

This time we will try to install the Flock browser on Linux Ubuntu. For testing purposes I use Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty and likely most of the steps in this tutorial can be used by Linux distros other.

1. Download Flock

You can download Flock of the following web page. http://flock.com/versions
Make sure you choose to download a version of Linux, located on the right.
Save on your desktop for easy.

2. Extract

Right-click on the file you downloaded Flock. Select Extract here and then the desktop will display a folder called 'flock'.

3. Use the root access

There will be 3 ways to become root so you can install Flock on the system. The first one, you are logged in as root, and it is not recommended. The second, you can do it by typing sudo on each command to be used and do it in the terminal, of course inconvenient for who is unfamiliar. And the third which I recommend is to open a terminal and type.

flames@h4ntu: ~ $ sudo nautilus

4. Move Flock

Command in the number 3 will open the nautilus file manager. See the flock in the desktop folder (/ home / flames / Desktop / flock) and then right click and select Copy. Still in nautilus now Paste the folder that flock to the directory / opt. To test whether you have correctly installed flock then run the following command from a terminal:
flames@h4ntu: ~ $ / opt / flock / flock-browser

5. Create link

Now you create a link to the flock so that programs can be run by the user. Type the following command in a terminal:

flames@h4ntu: ~ $ sudo ln-s / opt / flock / flock-browser / usr / bin / flock-browser

6. Create shortcut

In order to create a shortcut flock, be it in the menu bar or desktop, follow these steps:

System - Preferences - Main Menu

In the Applications menu on the left you select Internet and then click New Item is located on the right.

Fill in the blank boxes with information such as the following:

Type: Application
Name: Flock
Command: flock-browser
Comment: Flock Browser

Still in the same window, see picture icons on the left. Ubuntu has provided the default icon for the Flock, but it is not the original icon Flock. To change click on the icon and enter the address on the original icon Flock empty box at the Browse window icons:

/ opt/flock/icons/mozicon128.png

It's finished, now you can see Flock in the Applications menu - Internet - Flock. Next, you just put a shortcut on the menu Flock Panel or the Desktop menu, how to right click on the Applications menu - Internet - Flock and select Add this launcher to Panel or Add this launcher to desktop.

Problem After Re-install windows, dual boot with Ubuntu

This problem often happens when we are to re-install windows, then ubuntu boot menu will be lost. how to overcome them:

  1. Booting with Cd installer Ubuntu
  2. Open Terminal
  3. Type: sudo grub and enter
  4. find /boot/grub/stage1


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