Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Windows Gaming under Linux, game with WineX

The growing popularity of the Linux game depends for an important part on the gaming possibilities. Of course lots of people only use their computers for serous productive work, but the majority wants to have some fun as well.

Gaming under Linux was always a weakness. There were limited Linux games available and Windows games did not play on Linux.

The last half year has seen some change in this. With the outcome of the latest version of Wine 2x and WineX 3.x, Windows gaming under Linux is taken a step further. In this issue we concentrate on the commercial version of Wine especially for playing Windows games under Linux, WineX. Next month we will discus Wine itself in a separate article.

What is WineX

Simply said, WineX creates an environment for Windows games to run under Linux and is developed by More technically said, WineX is an alternative implementation of Microsoft's Win32 Application Programming Interfaces (API) which form the basis to run all Windows software. The Win32 APIs themselves are extremely broad, covering thousands of functions like file and disk management, etc.

it free?

It's not a free software package distributed under GNU license, but you have to pay for it via a subscription service with a minimum subscription of three months of $15 or a year subscription of $60.
However you can download a trial version from

How many Windows Games work properly under WineX?

According to our research well over 300 Windows games work well under WineX. These include high rated games and entry level games as well. Some examples of popular Windows games are Max Payne, The Sims, Sim City, Spiderman, Half Life, Medal of Honor, Civilization, Emperor, GTA3, Counterstrike and much more Shooter, Strategy, Adventure, Action and other popular Platform and 3D games.

For a complete list of playable Windows games go to

What are the system requirements for the latest version WineX 3.2.1
WineX supports a wide range of systems, including RPM and Debian based systems. It has been tested extensively on Mandrake Linux 8.1 Gaming Edition.

The core library requirements are:
o Linux Kernel 2.2 or higher
o XFree86 4.0 or higher (4.10 recommended)
o glibc 2.1.3 or higher
o A working hardware accelerated OpenGL implementation

The recommended minimum hardware is
o 500 MHz or faster Pentium or Athlon CPU
o 128 MB memory
o NVidia GeForce graphics card
o 2 -4 GB free hard disk space for games

Working with WineX
WineX requires you to install games into the fake "C:" drive that prepared on your home directory. While it is theoretically possible to run games from an existing Windows partition, there are several complications that you will have to overcome as you go along before you start playing your game. You will need to be patient.

The WineX Game Manager can help mading the job easier for you. This tool makes it easier for you to install and manage your Windows games under WineX and is distributed under the GNU GPL license.

Third party Graphic Game installation Tool WineX Game Manager

The WineX Game Manager has a graphical interface for the Command line version of TransGamings WineX 3.x. Each game gets its own registry and own configuration file and will be installed in a subdirectory of /usr/local/games.

WineX Game Manager makes it easier, as it creates a menu with all installed games from which the game can be launched. There is also an option to update and delete games.

Is it worthwhile to subscribe to and get your WineX?

If you are a fanatic gamer and want to play lots of your Windows games on a Linux system the answer is yes. For $15 you have the complete version of WineX and three months support and upgrades, you are always free to extend your TransGaming subscription later or not. The other option is running Windows games under Wine.

Our conclusion

Of course you can't run as many Windows Games under Linux with Wine in comparison to WineX, but with the latest version of Wine you can run a substantial number of Windows games under Linux. The benefit of Wine is that it is completely free under the GNU license. For those of you in need for speed Windows is still your choice at this time.

More Info

For an overview of Windows applications and games that run under Wine we advise you to go to It's a great website with lots of useful info on Wine. For further info on Wine please go to


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