Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hexjector Rev34 Latest Version Download

“Hexjector is an open-source, multi-platform PHP script to automate site penetration tests for SQL Injection Vulnerabilities.”

This is the updated change log:

* Error_Check, HexDorker, HexaFind, HexDumper, HexaCurD, Hexdumpfile, Hexoutfile, Hexloader, and WAF_Detector have all been updated.
* HexaFind is now multithreaded(Credits tDavid Hopkins for his CURL Class).
* HexacURL removed.
* Information.php is not used anymore.
* Code is refined and organized for better view.
* Output Buffering removed.
* WAF Bypass Module Added.
* HTTP Requests are now available.
* Interface of Hexjector is changed thanks tJohnburn, and mods from me.
* A nonpersistent XSS is patched in HexDorker.
* Codename Added.
* RCE Test added.
* Troubleshoot section added taid users in solving problems.
* A new Manual Updater is added.
* News Feeds Retriever.
* Patch Retriever.
* SQL Injection Type Detection is recoded tbe more precise.
* Another Series of SQL Injection Type Detection are added.
* Single Quotes with Parenthesis
* Double Quotes
* Double Quotes with Parenthesis
* Local Md5 Cracker, Hexcracker added.
* Scripts with functions have Mod_ Prefix in the filename.
* All htmlspecialchars() are changed thtmlentities().
* Back Button now available.
* Many E_NOTICE errors are fixed.

Download Hexjector v1.0.7.5 Rev34


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