Thursday, October 3, 2013

crack wep key + details [backtrack 5][with pictures]

Demonstration of how to crack wep key
For educational purposes only

As a beginning u need to download backtrack 5 R3 from Backtrack 5 R3 Iso image like i did in the picture can choose what ever 32 bit or 64 bit depend on your pc.but choose Iso and GNOME.then after finishing download of backtrack u need to download another tool to boot backtrack from a usb ,the tool is Unetbootin dow[/align]nload from Unetbootin and after that enter the usb into ur pc and open unetbootin and do what i did in the picture below.
Boot Backtrack:
then after that he will ask u to reboot your pc , so reboot your pc and enter your boot option by pressing F2 or F5 or F8 or F9 it depends of the pc and make your priority the usb so u can boot from your USB. and then when the backtrack option load choose the Default (first option) and then when he load type in startx and the backtrack will load.
now in the top u should see 4 options 1-Applications 2-Places 3-System 4-terminal(with the black color) select this terminal and you will see like a cmd in windows where you can execute commands. so let s begin hacking. so wright:
this will show informations about your wireless card and the most important is her name mine is wlan0 as you
can see in the picture below.
so the name of my wireless card is wlan0 so now we need to start it so we need to type in:
2-airmon-ng start wlan0
now if this work u should see monitor mode enabled and the name of it (mine is mon0) like in the picture.
ow after our monitor is on so we can use our wireless card to perform an attack , first thing to do is to scan for networks for wep security type by typing:
3-airodump-ng mon0
this will launch the scan (and as you can see we put mon0 so we can specifie wich card we are going to perform our scan) and to stop scan we press ctrl + c
as you can see i ve selected my wep network choice so when you find one press ctrl+c and stop the scan. and then open a new terminal and type in:
4-airodump-ng -c (channel of the target) --bssid (Bssid of the target) -w (filename to save) mon0
let me explain -c is for channel --bssid is for the bssid you can get the informations from the first terminal (scan details) CH go for channels and Bssid
for the bssid. as u can see in the picture below.
now after doing this we will start capturing packets and data, to be able to get the password we need 15000 Data (maybe more or less depends on the key),
now to make Data going faster we need to do this 2 attack or steps wright:
5-aireplay-ng -1 0 -a (bssid of the target) mon0
after that you should get as i get in the picture below.

if it succeded or not u have to go to this important step ( if it send request over and over with no succefull just stop it with ctrl+c)
now wright in:
6-aireplay-ng -3 -b (bssid of target) -h (your mac adress) mon0
your mac -h you will get it from the previous command of aireplay in the fist line as in this picture
now after that wait a min to get your Data 15000 and then open a new terminal and type in:
7-aircrack-ng filename-01.cap
The password is with out ":" u should remove the two points ":" and voila your password.


you should change your wep security to wpa2 , i ll be covering how to do that , i mean to change your router password in my next tutorial can see this tutorial in my project website that it will be updated from time to time with some more tutorials .
here the link website.thnx for your time . Post if you liked or for questions and sorry for my bad language.


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